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Wilson’s Disease

Posted: 08-01-2013

Named for a British physician who first noted the condition in 1912, Wilson’s disease is a genetic disorder involving an accumulation of copper in the body’s tissues. Since the liver and the brain are the chief areas of the body where copper can accumulate, symptoms of such a disease can include liver disease as well […]

Septic Abortion

Posted: 08-01-2013

A septic abortion is also known as a septic miscarriage. This type of abortion or miscarriage is linked to a severe uterine infection in which an infection can migrate to other areas of the body. In such cases, the uterine infection can result in septicemia, a severe inflammatory condition which can be life-threatening. The cause […]

ParaGard Lawsuit

Posted: 06-21-2013

NOT ACCEPTING THESE CASES Birth Control IUD Lawsuits Have you suffered injury from a defective ParaGard IUD, or intrauterine device? Manufactured by Israel-based Teva Pharmaceuticals, which has facilities in North America, the ParaGard IUD is known to “migrate” from a woman’s uterus into other parts of the body. This can cause ParaGard side effects, including […]

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