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Abdominal Wall

Posted: 08-22-2012

The abdominal wall is comprised of three portions: anterior (front), posterior (back) and lateral (sides). Layers of fat and muscle cover the abdominal wall. If this wall weakens and some of the contents of the abdomen bulge out, that is a hernia. Such an abdominal hernia can be a birth defect caused by certain antidepressant […]


Posted: 08-17-2012

The navel, which is commonly called the “belly button,” is a scar on the stomach or abdomen at the spot where the umbilical cord was attached while a baby was in the mother’s womb. When the cord is detached at birth, the scar remains. Also called the umbilicus, the navel can be a depression (commonly […]

Celexa Abdominal Hernia Lawsuit

Posted: 08-13-2012

Abdominal Hernia (Umbilical Hernia) Are you aware that you may need a birth defect lawyer? That could be the case if your child suffered from an abdominal hernia or umbilical hernia birth injury, and if the mother used the antidepressant Celexa while pregnant. Then you could claim financial recovery with a Celexa abdominal hernia or […]

Cipralex Abdominal Hernia Lawsuit

Posted: 07-13-2012

Abdominal Hernia (Umbilical Hernia) Your child may have been born with an umbilical hernia or an abdominal hernia — and a drug maker may have been responsible. If the mother took the antidepressant Cipralex while pregnant, it could have caused the hernia birth defect, and your family may be legally entitled to payments with a […]

Luvox Abdominal Hernia Lawsuit

Posted: 06-13-2012

Abdominal Hernia (Umbilical Hernia) Is it time for a defective drug lawsuit? It may be if your child’s mother used a defective drug such as antidepressant Luvox while pregnant, resulting in an abdominal hernia or umbilical hernia for her child. Your family can then be legally entitled to payments for Luvox side effects injury losses, including […]

Effexor Abdominal Hernia Lawsuit

Posted: 05-13-2012

Abdominal Hernia (Umbilical Hernia) When a newborn suffers umbilical hernia or abdominal hernia due to a defective drug, action must be taken. This action may be a defective drug lawsuit after a mother used the antidepressant Effexor which triggered a birth defect or Effexor side effects injury known as an abdominal hernia or umbilical hernia. Effexor […]

Lexapro Abdominal Hernia Lawsuit

Posted: 04-13-2012

Abdominal Hernia (Umbilical Hernia) Was your child born with an abdominal hernia birth defect or umbilical hernia birth defect? If this was after the mother used the antidepressant Lexapro during her pregnancy, that defective drug may be to blame — and your family may be due substantial payments for your birth defect financial losses. To get […]

Prozac Abdominal Hernia Lawsuit

Posted: 03-13-2012

Abdominal Hernia (Umbilical Hernia) Although newborn children are precious, it may not have spared them from a birth defect such as an abdominal hernia or umbilical hernia. But the child could have been spared if the injury was due to the defective antidepressant Prozac being used by the mother while pregnant. And that’s why you may […]

Paxil Abdominal Hernia Lawsuit

Posted: 02-13-2012

Abdominal Hernia (Umbilical Hernia) An umbilical hernia is a common birth defect in which the muscle around the umbilical ring doesn’t close completely after birth in the area known as the “belly button” or navel. Then a loop of intestine can slip through the opening and result in an umbilical hernia. An abdominal hernia involves […]

Zoloft Abdominal Hernia Lawsuit

Posted: 01-13-2012

Abdominal Hernia (Umbilical Hernia) Does your child have an umbilical hernia or abdominal hernia as a birth defect injury? If that’s the case, you should know this could be due to the defective antidepressant drug Zoloft.  If Zoloft is used by a pregnant woman, her child could have Zoloft side effects including a hernia. This […]

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