Paxil Tricuspid Atresia Lawsuit

Is your family among those in America in which a child has been born with a tricuspid atresia birth defect? If so, you should know that this injury may have been caused by a defective drug such as antidepressant Paxil as a Paxil side effect. And that might merit a defective drug lawsuit on your child’s behalf.

Tricuspid Atresia Involves Oxygen-Poor Blood

First, you should know the nature of tricuspid atresia. This constitutes an unusual congenital heart disease, though it often appears along with other heart maladies.

The tricuspid valve of the heart supplies blood from the right atrium to the right ventricle of the heart, where it then can go to the lungs to receive vital oxygen. However, in some cases the tricuspid valve is sheathed in tissue upon a child’s birth and blood cannot enter the lungs where oxygenation can occur. Blood pumped to the body then becomes oxygen-poor.

Blue Skin Is Among Tricuspid Atresia Symptoms

A blue tint to the skin is one of the tricuspid atresia symptoms for an infant suffering this congenital birth defect. Blue blood is oxygen-poor. Rapid breathing or shortened breathing are other symptoms, as are weariness or fatigue and an inability to grow at a normal rate.

Some tests are simple. The blue color of skin can be noted just after a child is born, via simple visual examination. Also, a stethoscope can reveal a heart murmur, which in many cases is associated with tricuspid atresia.

Other tests for tricuspid atresia include an EKG or ECG, also known as an electrocardiogram, as well as an echocardiogram, cardiac catheterization and an x-ray of the chest.

This Paxil side effect also can be noted even before birth by means of ultrasound imaging.

Surgery Is Mandatory Among Tricuspid Atresia Treatments

Surgery is mandatory as a tricuspid atresia treatment. This surgery can be performed initially soon after a child is born, when an artificial shunt can be inserted into the heart to allow a blood supply to the lungs.

However, more vital is a further surgical procedure called the Hemifontan procedure, which is also known as a Glenn shunt. Such surgery must wait until a child is between four and six months of age and means the veins supplying blue (oxygen-poor) blood from the top half of the body are connected to the pulmonary artery.

Later, when a child is 18 months to three years old, a Fontan surgical procedure can connect the other veins providing blue blood to the lungs to the pulmonary artery, which supplies the lungs with blood.

Are there surgery complications? There can be, including heart failure or stroke. But there’s a good chance that these surgeries for tricuspid atresia can correct the problem.

Paxil Tricuspid Atresia Lawyer: Paxil Lawsuit

Your family may face steep costs for such surgeries to correct a tricuspid atresia Paxil side effect which was due to the negligence of the drug’s manufacturer. Those costs should be paid by Paxil’s maker, British company GlaxoSmithKline, or GSK.

To get GSK to pay, you’ll need a defective drug lawyer to file a Paxil lawsuit on your child’s behalf. Such a defective drug lawsuit can seek payments for your family’s pain and suffering due to the tricuspid atresia Paxil side effect injury to your newborn, as well as payments for your family’s medical costs and expenses associated with the Paxil birth defect.

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