Mirena Streptococcal Sepsis: Birth Control Lawsuit

If you used a Mirena IUD for birth control and suffered injury as a result, one injury may be streptococcal sepsis, also known simply as sepsis. That condition involves an infection in the bloodstream, which may require a Mirena streptococcal sepsis birth control lawsuit on your behalf to get you paid for your defective IUD losses.

Mirena Birth Control Lawsuit

Sepsis is a serious injury. Essentially it’s an infection — or a systemic infection due to bacteria lurking in the bloodstream.

A streptococcal sepsis is an infection due to bacteria named Streptococci. The most common streptococcal infection is strep throat. Far more severe are other streptococcal infections which even can be life-threatening.

One life-threatening strep infection is sepsis, or bacteria invading the bloodstream. This can be a side effect or complication of using a Mirena IUD birth control device, and that can be the basis of a Mirena birth control lawsuit.

Streptococcal Sepsis Symptoms

Streptococcal sepsis symptoms can include confusion, redness, fever, dizziness, chills, severe swelling, severe pain and rash. A woman suffering these symptoms of streptococcal sepsis should see her physician immediately, as this could be life-threatening.

A streptococcal sepsis caused by Mirena may be known as a group A streptococcal sepsis. This massive bacterial infection — which can be fatal — can begin within just days after a Mirena IUD has been implanted by a physician.

Streptococcal Sepsis Treatments

Streptococcal sepsis treatments may involve hospitalization, and intravenous antibiotics. In fact, it’s likely that a patient suffering from streptococcal sepsis will be in the ICU, or intensive care unit, of a hospital.

Therapy also may be provided for any bodily organs which suffer dysfunction due to streptococcal sepsis. This can be more readily provided in a hospital.

Since sepsis can rapidly lead to organ damage and even death, streptococcal sepsis treatments must begin as soon as possible.

Streptococcal Sepsis Mirena IUD Side Effects

If you or a family member suffered streptococcal sepsis due to defective IUD Mirena, notify an experienced product liability lawyer, defective medical device lawyer or Mirena lawyer with our law firm. We can provide you with a birth control lawsuit seeking compensation financially for your Mirena side effects injury of streptococcal sepsis.

This compensation can include payments for your lost present and future wages as a result of the Mirena complications injury. It also can include payments for your own pain and suffering and also for your hospital, medical and health care costs associated with the streptococcal sepsis Mirena IUD side effects.

Birth Control Lawsuit, Mirena Side Effects

To get your Mirena IUD birth control lawsuit, simply signal us about your legal needs, and let an experienced injury lawyer with our law firm go to work for you. You won’t even need to pay for such a Mirena IUD birth control lawsuit, since we’ll only be paid if we win your case, and only then from part of the settlement amount. This is known as a contingency fee agreement.

Don’t worry about your birth control lawsuit over a Mirena streptococcal sepsis injury going to trial, since most injury lawsuits are handled in negotiations which reach an agreed-upon settlement out of court, with no trial necessary.

Get in touch with us today and let us help. Your Mirena IUD injury should not be compounded by having to bear the costs of recovery. Let us help you to get the money to which you are legally entitled after a Mirena side effects injury such as streptococcal sepsis.

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