Kidney Dialysis Lawsuit

Kidney dialysis treatments are needed to extract wastes and excess water from the blood of people who suffer from kidney failure, which is also known as renal failure or renal insufficiency.

In effect, a dialysis treatment performs the function of the kidneys by removing such wastes and excess water from the blood. This is vital, since the kidneys are crucial to providing a healthy body. Indeed, the kidneys are necessary to maintain the proper levels of minerals and water in the body.

Dialysis procedures can involve different means. One is known as hemodialysis. With hemodialysis, water and wastes are extracted from the blood by circulating blood outside the body through the semipermeable membrane of an external filter, also known as a dialyzer.

Another form of kidney dialysis is known as peritoneal dialysis. This is a natural treatment. With this kidney treatment, wastes and water are taken from the blood by means of the peritoneal membrane.

When it comes to hemodialysis, various products or substances are used in the dialysis process. These can include such substances as NaturaLyte and GranuFlo.

Unfortunately, when those products are employed for a hemodialysis form of kidney dialysis, they can lead to fatal cardiac arrest, strokes, heart attacks or other heart ailments which may merit a kidney dialysis lawsuit.

These injuries can arise during kidney dialysis treatments at what’s known as a kidney dialysis clinic, or perhaps within two days after such dialysis treatments.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration made a recall of NaturaLyte and GranuFlo dialysis products in 2012. However, if a loved one suffered injury or death due to such defective dialysis products, you still may have time to file an injury lawsuit on your loved one’s behalf.

This kidney dialysis lawsuit can seek payments for your family’s suffering, pain, lost present and future earnings and medical care expenses caused by the dialysis injury.

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