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Have you or a loved one been victimized by a defective medical device known as a TOT sling, or a transobturator tape sling? If so, let us help. We can seek financial remedies for your TOT sling injury losses by means of a TOT sling lawsuit or a mesh lawsuit on your behalf.

What Is a TOT Sling?

What is a TOT sling? Created in France and imported to America in 2002, a transobturator tape sling is employed via tension-free surgery. Such surgery is considered less invasive than surgery involving a tension-free vaginal tape (TVT) sling, since it doesn’t involve a large needle being passed blindly via the retropubic space when the mesh tape is inserted.

The TOT sling and the TVT sling are the most common kinds of bladder slings, a bladder sling being an organic or synthetic sling which, when inserted, can elevate the neck of the bladder and urethra and thereby help reduce stress urinary incontinence for women. The surgical insertion is known as bladder neck suspension surgery.

Pain, Nerve Injury Can Follow TOT Sling Surgery

Devised in France in 2001, the transobturator sling, or TOT sling, can be surgically insert more safely than the TVT sling. Tiny incisions are placed on each side of the groin and in the vagina beneath the urethra to allow mesh tape to be inserted below the urethra without needing to pass needles sight-unseen through the abdominal wall and retropubic space.

All this does not mean, however, that no injuries can arise after a TOT sling has been implanted. Any bladder sling can be the source of harm to a recipient. For instance, pain and nerve injury can occur after such surgery.

Transvaginal Mesh Products

Manufacturers make a variety of bladder sling, TOT sling, vaginal mesh and transobturator tape sling products such as the ones listed below:

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If you or a family member has suffered after TOT sling surgery, promptly notify a knowledgeable bladder sling lawsuit lawyer or mesh lawyer with our law firm. We can offer you confidential and considerate legal advice toward resolving your case, perhaps by means of a TOT sling lawsuit, mesh lawsuit or defective medical device lawsuit.

And we won’t even ask you to pay us directly. That’s because our law firm performs legal services on a contingency basis, which signifies that we’re paid only in the event that we win a case, and at that time strictly from a part of the settlement amount we gain for our client.

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