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Birth Control IUD LawsuitHave you suffered injury from a defective ParaGard IUD, or intrauterine device?

Manufactured by Israel-based Teva Pharmaceuticals, which has facilities in North America, the ParaGard IUD is known to “migrate” from a woman’s uterus into other parts of the body. This can cause ParaGard side effects, including injuries which require surgery. ParaGard IUD’s also are believed to cause such ParaGard injuries as pelvic infection, ectopic pregnancy, intrauterine pregnancy, vaginal bleeding, septic abortion and Wilson’s Disease. Unlike the plastic T-shaped frame of Bayer’s Mirena IUD, which also can cause injury, the ParaGard IUD (sometimes incorrectly called a Paraguard IUD) has a plastic frame wrapped in copper wire coils.

For birth control, this copper is meant to cause an inflammatory reaction in the uterus which is toxic to sperm. With the Mirena IUD, localized doses of a synthetic hormone are released to prevent fertilization. The Mirena and the ParaGard IUDs are the only two types of IUD now sold in America. Thus, the ParaGard IUD is the only IUD sold in the United States which contains copper. Some women choose the ParaGard IUD as a way to avoid hormonal elements in their IUD. However, the copper it uses can involve problems, too, including copper toxicity and decreased zinc. Increased levels of copper in the body also can lead to anorexia, arthritis, allergies, anxiety, anemia, depression, hypertension and other ailments, as well as weight gain.

Though marketed as a long-term birth control device that’s designed to work for up to a decade, ParaGard IUD’s can fail and cause injury within months. The ParaGard IUD also is marketed as being effective and safe. However, it can cause severe side effects injuries, about which Teva Pharmaceuticals has failed to warn women and their doctors. 

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