Identifying DePuy Hip Implants

Perhaps a family member has suffered since hip replacement surgery and you suspect it could be due to a defective hip implant. If so, your case may involve a defective hip implant manufactured and sold by DePuy Orthopaedics.

But how can you go about identifying DePuy hip implants?

Defective DePuy Hip Implants

For one thing, be advised that two known defective DePuy hip implants are the DePuy ASR XL Acetabular Hip System and the DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System. Each had a hip implant recall issued by DePuy in 2010, as may have been noted by a DePuy TV commercial or a DePuy TV ad.

Such defective DePuy hip implants were intended and sold to endure for 15 years. But some DePuy hip implants failed within a short time following hip replacement surgery. That meant suffering patients had to endure another surgery — often called revision surgery — to supply a replacement for their new hip replacement.

Such revision surgery can be even more difficult and costly than the initial hip implant surgery.

Type of Hip Implant

If a person suffers from inflammation, pain or reduced mobility after hip replacement surgery and suspects a defective hip implant, the first thing to do is to notify a doctor. When diagnosing the injury and offering treatment, the patient’s surgeon or physician should be able to inform them of the precise type of hip implant they received.

Or, you can exercise your legal right to see your medical records from the hospital where you had hip replacement surgery. This may involve executing a medical authorization form.

Another way to check the nature of your hip implant is to check the medical device identification card you may have received after hip replacement surgery. Such medical device ID cards are given to some implant patients so they can go through security procedures at airports and other sensitive areas. They should indicate the exact type of hip implant brand.

If none of this works in identifying the type of hip implant, let us know, and let us help. Our experienced hip implant lawyers and defective medical device attorneys can determine for you the exact type of hip implant you received.

One thing you can know right now: If you received a hip implant before 2003, that was not a defective DePuy hip implant ,which has since been recalled. Such hip implants were not released to the medical device market until 2003, so any hip implant surgery before 2003 would not involve them.

Also, not every DePuy hip implant sold since 2003 is a defective implant subject to a DePuy recall. DePuy in addition markets a hip implant called a Pinnacle Acetabular cup, but it is not among products in the DePuy hip implant recall.

DePuy Hip Implant Lawsuit

In the event that you determine that you did receive one of the two DePuy hip implants deemed defective and recalled by DePuy, your physician should test you to diagnose the extent of your hip implant injuries.

Then notify an experienced hip implant lawyer or defective medical device lawyer with our law firm, and determine your prospects for a successful DePuy hip implant lawsuit. You may be due substantial payments for your hip implant injury losses, including payments for your medical bills associated with the defective product.

Contact us today, either by phoning or by submitting the online form on our website for a free case review. We’ll speedily reply to help you with your potential DePuy hip implant lawsuit.

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