Boston Scientific Lynx Lawsuit

In order to treat stress urinary incontinence, you may have received a bladder sling or mesh device called a Lynx Suprapubic Mid-Urethral Sling System. Though it may ease SUI, the Boston Scientific Lynx sling also can fail and cause a variety of injuries, for which you may need a mesh lawsuit or Boston Scientific Lynx lawsuit.

Mesh Injuries Include Bleeding, Infection, Scarring

The Boston Scientific Lynx, manufactured by medical device company Boston Scientific, is known for singular heat-sealed edges throughout the mesh’s suburethral area. It’s also designed for maneuverability through challenging tissue upon implantation.

But these purported advantages may be more than offset by disadvantages in the form of mesh side effects and complications. Such mesh injuries can include mesh erosion; perforation of the bowels, bladder, intestines or blood vessels; infection; vaginal bleeding; extrusion of mesh; painful sexual intercourse; vaginal scarring; and emotional distress.

Also, a woman receiving such a mesh implant may find that her SUI or POP symptoms recur.

Mesh Side Effects Merit a Mesh Lawsuit

Due to such mesh side effects and injuries, additional surgery or surgeries may be needed. Victims never may recover from some mesh complications, thus having their quality of life forever impacted.

These mesh side effects and injuries are unacceptable. When a negligent manufacturer harms American women, that manufacturer must be held accountable in the legal arena, and it’s our job to do that.

Get a Mesh Lawyer, Defective Medical Device Attorney

Our law firm can offer you a skilled and experienced defective medical device attorney or lawyer for your case, and we won’t charge you legal fees directly, in that we’ll be paid solely from the settlement if we win your case.

Keep in mind that most such personal injury lawsuits don’t go to trial, but rather are resolved by means of negotiations out of court, leading to a settlement before a trial.

Boston Scientific Lynx Lawyer: Boston Scientific Lawsuit

Also please know that a mesh lawyer from our law firm will approach your case with sensitivity, compassion and consideration.

So contact us today, and let’s explore your chances for a successful Boston Scientific Lynx lawsuit.

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