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The Victoza diabetes drug is a daily injection for patients suffering type 2 diabetes in order to help them regulate their blood sugar level. The brand name Victoza also covers the drug’s active ingredient, liraglutide.

Along with proper exercise and diet, Victoza can be taken to regulate blood sugar levels among patients suffering type 2 diabetes, or non-insulin dependent diabetes.

Victoza TV Commercial Ad

You may have seen a Victoza TV advertisement or TV commercial broadcast about possible monetary awards due to side effect injuries or even death. These side effects include pancreatic cancer and thyroid cancer.

Victoza is manufactured and marketed by Novo Nordisk A/S of Denmark, the biggest producer of insulin in the world. The drug was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration in early 2010 for use in treating type 2 diabetes.

However, the FDA made a Victoza warning in the summer of 2011, alerting the public that the drug caused a greater danger of developing acute pancreatitis or thyroid cancer.

The agency also required Novo Nordisk to place an FDA warning on Victoza labels to indicate the drug could cause acute and chronic renal failure. Subsequently, the warning was extended to include an alert about possible severe allergic reactions to Victoza.

Victoza is often taken along with additional drugs for treating diabetes, including thiazolidinediones, sulfonylureas and metformin.

Unfortunately, Victoza also can produce devastating if not fatal Victoza side effects and complications. Among them are a heightened danger of suffering pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer and severe allergic reactions.

What are some symptoms showing that you may be suffering from such a Victoza side effect as pancreatitis? With pancreatitis, you may have pain in your abdominal area which begins as a mild pain and then becomes increasingly worse until it spreads to your back.

This pain may feel even worse if you lie flat on your back, and it also can become worse following a meal. While suffering such pain, the abdomen may be tender to touch and also may experience swelling.

Other symptoms of pancreatitis are vomiting, chills, rapid heartbeat and fever.

Similar symptoms can arise among those suffering pancreatic cancer, though symptoms may not arise until after the cancer already has progressed. Other symptoms are darker urine, gray or pale stools, and yellowish eyes or skin.

Symptoms of thyroid cancer include trouble swallowing and perhaps the sensation of a lump in the throat. Other symptoms are swollen lymph nodes in the neck, pain in the throat or neck and hoarseness. But again, the cancer already may have progressed before notable symptoms arise.

These illnesses can come due to defective diabetes drug Victoza, which is part of a group of prescription drugs called glucagon-like peptide-1, or GLP-1, receptor agonists.

With so many adverse Victoza side effects being shown, why is the defective drug still on the market? Keep in mind that Novo Nordisk is reaping billions of dollars in Victoza sales, including around 150,000 Victoza prescriptions being filled every month. Once approval has been granted, it can be difficult to wrest that way in the form of a drug recall such as a Victoza recall.

Victoza even is being positioned as a possible treatment for obesity.

Meanwhile, innocent Americans suffer from this defective drug.

If someone in your family is one of them, notify our law firm at once. We can provide you with a skilled defective drug lawyer to fight for your legal right to compensation for your Victoza side effects injury losses.

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