Ambien Lawsuit

America is becoming a nation of insomniacs. An estimated 10 per cent of Americans have difficulty sleeping and thus take sleeping pills, also known as hypnotics. One such product is the sleeping pill Ambien which, like other sleeping pills, may contribute to a harmful sleeping pill side effect or sleeping pill injury.

Sleeping Pill Side Effects

A study done recently by non-profit health system Scripps Health in San Diego, CA indicates such risks of sleeping pill injury. This study of cases from 2002-2006 demonstrated that as many as half a million “excess deaths” in 2010 could have been due to sleeping pills.

Among those studied, people who took sleeping pills most frequently had a 35 per cent greater danger of getting cancer. And if that’s not bad enough, the study showed a 450 percent higher mortality rate for people who frequently used sleeping pills.

According to the study, people using sleeping pills 18 times or fewer in a year were 3.6 times more apt to die, while those who took sleeping pills 18-132 times in a year were up to four times more likely to die.

Though Scripps Health took into account other health factors which could have contributed to the deaths of those studied, such pre-existing conditions didn’t appear to be the reason for the heightened rate of deaths among people who took sleeping pills. Instead, sleeping pills appeared to be the “cause” part of a cause-and-effect equation, the sleeping pill study found.

Ambien and Other Big-Selling Sleeping Pills

Among the biggest-selling sleeping pills in America are Ambien, Sonata, Lunesta and Restoril. Each is available only by prescription and not over-the-counter.

Such sleeping pills produce massive earnings for drug makers. Since an estimated 10 per cent of Americans take sleeping pills at least occasionally, that means more than 30 million people take such big-selling drugs.

As for Ambien, it’s the biggest-selling sleeping pill of all. Sleeping pill Ambien has had as many as 26.5 million Ambien prescriptions for a single year.

Ambien is manufactured and sold by French drug maker Sanofi-Aventis. The chief active ingredient in Ambien is zolpidem tartrate, as you may realize from having seen Ambien TV ads and Ambien TV commercials.

The safeness of Ambien already has been questioned in cases where Ambien was shown to contribute to traffic accidents. But the possibility that sleeping pills can substantially boost “natural death” rates by 500,000 annually is even more disturbing.

Ambien Recall?

To date, an Ambien recall has not been issued in America, either by its manufacturer or by the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA. But even with no Ambien recall, evidence is rising to suggest that an Ambien recall eventually could happen.

In the meantime, sleeping pill Ambien remains on the market, both under its brand name and in generic versions.

Ambien Sleeping Pill Lawsuit?

If someone close to you dies or gets cancer after regularly taking a sleeping pill such as Ambien, you may want to consider filing a defective drug lawsuit or a sleeping pill lawsuit. In this way you can claim economic compensation for such sleeping pill injury losses as medical expenses, funeral costs and pain and suffering.

Such a defective drug lawsuit on your behalf for a sleeping pill death or injury can target the manufacturer of a sleeping pill such as Ambien, provided it’s established that sleeping pill usage contributed to a death or injury.

In addition, a sleeping pill lawsuit could influence other drug makers to make their customers’ safety their primary responsibility.

Defective Drug Lawyer

To proceed with a sleeping pill lawsuit, you’d need a defective drug lawyer on your side. Now you can get one. Our law firm has handled thousands of injury cases for almost 40 years in which we’ve helped Americans get the money they needed and deserved for an injury due to others’ negligence.

Notify our law firm today of your legal needs for a possible defective drug lawsuit or sleeping pill lawsuit, and we’ll assess your case as quickly as possible to size up your chances for a successful sleeping pill lawsuit.

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