Abilify Lawsuit

Sadly, many Americans are threatened by defective antipsychotic and antidepressant drug Abilify, which could cause diabetes, a stroke or hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). Due to this, an Abilify lawsuit may be needed to protect victims’ legal rights and seek financial recovery for their Abilify side effects injury.

Containing generic drug aripiprazole, which also is sold under the brand name Aripiprex, Abilify has been shown to be related to diabetes, strokes and hyperglycemia.

Abilify can be especially dangerous for children who take the antidepressant and then face an increased risk of diabetes. This can be signified by weight gain, increased thirst, frequent urination, high blood sugar and extreme hunger.

Manufactured, marketed and sold by Bristol-Myers Squibb, Abilify was approved in 2002 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for treating schizophrenia, approved in 2004 for treating bipolar disorder, and approved in 2007 for treating major depressive disorder.

However, Abilify also may cause harmful and damaging Abilify side effects. These can include strokes for elderly patients suffering dementia, for which the FDA has not approved Abilify as a treatment.

Indeed, Abilify includes a so-called “black box” warning on its label to alert potential users that it brings a heightened danger of death in elderly persons using the antipsychotic drug. As with many other antidepressants, Abilify also has a black box warning for suicide for users under age 24.

Abilify is an unusual antipsychotic in that it blocks dopamine receptors in the brain and is less likely to cause involuntary body movements. Such drugs raise a concern for metabolic disorders, notably diabetes and hyperglycemia, or excess sugar. Children are especially vulnerable to suffering diabetes as a result of taking Abilify.

As for Abilify lawsuits, Bristol-Myers Squibb settled a 2007 Abilify lawsuit from the Department of Justice and whistleblowers for $515 million. To encourage physicians to prescribe Abilify, Bristol-Myers Squibb reportedly had been paying kickbacks to them.

Such problems make it clear that the public should be updated on FDA Abilify warnings, on possible future Abilify recalls by the FDA and on possible Abilify class action lawsuits.

Your family may need an experienced defective drug lawyer to wage an Abilify lawsuit on your behalf. If so, notify our law firm today. We can provide you with a skilled and knowledgeable defective drug attorney for an Abilify lawsuit seeking economic compensation for your pain, suffering, lost wages and medical expenses due to defective drug Abilify.

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